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Today I learned that nobody, I repeat, nobody, is safe. Whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever your age is, you are in potiential danger. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a week, maybe even not until a few years.

But it will get you.

Bad luck always get you.

Today, I was stalked. Stalkers don't have a clue of how they can ruin lives. My friend, Amelie, and I had planned a relaxing day at the ''Grande Bibliothèque de Montréal''... very relaxing indeed, a whole day surrounded by books, quiet, and laughing with a friend in a perfectly safe place... or so we thought.

We hadn't noticed anything at first.

Of course, thinking about it now, I remember noticing the man a few times, but nothing out of place. It was when we were to take the lift to go down a floor, to take a look at the DVDs and music CDs, that he did his first mistake.

Amelie reached the button for the lift as a man came to stand in front of the elevator next to ours. Of course, his came first, but he didn't move, and neither did he. By courtesy, we didn't pass in front of the man, waiting for him to go first. None of us moved, and the doors closed. My friend tried to reach the space in between those doors to keep them open, but she was too late. We both shot an annoyed look to the man before re-pressing the button. This time, ours came first. As we got in, a thick man wearing a black jacket followed us inside, himself followed by the blue-coated man, the one who didn't get in the first elevator.

Amelie and I argued on whether she should go registering our books now, on the ground-floor, or go on the kids' floor to check the BDs. I pressed the basement's button as she pressed the ground-floor’s one.

I noticed him, curious, as he placed himself in front of the doors, facing us. When they opened, he did nothing to let us pass, and the thick man had to shove him to the side to free the passage. My friend and I looked at each other, really surprised by the man's attitude.

We got out, finally deciding for the ground floor, and I told her of my reluctance for the librarians, so we chose to register our books ourselves.

Going towards the place where Amelie remembered seeing the registering stands, I shot a glance to my side. As I thought, blue-coat was following us. I took Amelie by the arm, and, not seeing any stands, I tried to convince her that there were some in the basement.


Unsure, she followed me down the stairs. As we came across the stands, I shot another glance behind my back, and found the black man still following us. Amelie, rejoicing, placed herself in line to register her books. Noticing the man getting dangerously close, and unsure of his intentions, I dragged my annoyed friend past the line, toward the comic books.

At that moment, I remember thinking that it was impossible.

That couldn't possibly be happening to us. It was unreal.

She pulled her arm back, really annoyed. She asked me why I was acting like that, and I just told her to follow me, with a grin. I told her I was quite sure that I had found the BD I was looking for. Pointing at the shelves, I pulled her in front of me.

Instantly recovering a dead-serious face, I whispered in her ear ''That man is following us''. Bypassing the shelves, she faced me, and, pulling a BD out, she glanced past my shoulders. I saw her expression darken instantly. Now serious, she placed the book back, and we continued our way toward the end of the library. Of course, the man was following us. Dragging her close, I pouted that my book wasn't, in fact, there. I proposed to go register our books and maybe leave. We hurried towards the registering stand, and lined there, waiting for our turn. A woman was showing her toddlers how to use the machine. On the opposite side, the man placed himself just beside her.

I thought that maybe I was just parannoying, that he was in fact her husband, and that I had imagined the whole thing. Not wanting to risk anything, I turned to face Amelie, who was fixing the stalker, and whispered ''We'll go upstairs. We'll register our books there, and ask for help discretely at the same time.'' Nodding, she turned and we ran to the stairs. With a chill, I saw the stalker following us up stairs. We quickly went in the line in front of the librarians. Scanning the whole place, I tried to spot a free counter or somewhere to go right away. Unfortunately, all the librarians were busy, and... The man was standing right behind us in line.

Was he ever going to let go???

I kept a close eye on him, facing my friend, as we waited. Finally, we came first in line. With a fake cheerful voice, Amelie asked me if I had a paper. Seeing the mischevious sparkle in her eyes, I instantly understood her idea. Reaching inside my pockets, I got out a piece of an old paper, and my pen. I looked on the back of my book, and pointed a random point. ''Is this it?'' I ask her, and, nodding, she let a small smile creep on her lips. This will all be over soon.

On the paper, I write ''Blue-coated man following us! Help Please!!!''

Swiftly putting the pen back in my pocket, I hide the paper in between my books. Relieve submerges me as a librarian call the next ones in line.

Shaking, I follow Amelie to the counter. We both put our books in front of her, and I looked at her intensely as I got the paper out. She looked briefly at it, and I saw her expression change imperceptibly. Finally, this was all over. She saw the paper, she will call the security guards, and they will take him away. We are safe.

All my joy crumbled under liquid ice rushing through my veins as the man came to stand a few inches away from Amelie. Casually, he took a flyer off the counter, and began to read it. The librarian pointed at him discretely, with questioning eyes. I nodded.

With a smile, she took our library cards and our books. She looked at her screen casually, if not for the bright red spreading on her cheeks. Then, she frowned at me, and told me that my card wasn't appropriate for renting the books I had chosen. She told us she was going to go ask if anything could be done.

In the corner of my eye, I saw Amelie getting more and more worried. Even from the distance, I heard the librarian that served us talking to the one next to her, asking her to get the security for the man standing aside of us.

Relieved, I waited for the man to go away. Surely, he heard her too, and will flee before getting caught. But I stared in horror as he stayed right where he was, reading the flyer. The girl came back to us, and gave me my card back. Looking unsurely at the man, she got closer, and asked if she may be of any help.

Coldly, he lifted his gaze to her, and stared. Uncomfortable, the librarian insisted, asking if she may assist him with anything, and if not, for him to leave. Staring coldly at her, the man put the flyer down slowly and turned around. Sighting, the girl gave us our books back, stating that she had to put my location on my friend's card. Nodding with a smile, we took our things, and went toward the exit, only to come abruptly to a stop.

I yanked Amelie back in the shadow of a pillar, hoping that he hadn't seen us. Biting down her lips, she told me that the black man had seen her. He was standing right beside the exit.

Lost and unable to decide what to do, I stood behind the pillar, when another librarian came towards us, announcing that she would get us to the security, and that we didn't have anything to fear anymore. If things could be so easily. The man looked at us as we passed right in front of him, getting outside. The woman lead us to a security agent which was clearly expecting us.

It's so funny how you can hate those agents when they are watching you, but like them when they are on your side.

He asked us a few questions, like 'is it him?', 'when did you first notice he was following you?', 'what's your name?', and much more. I answered him, locking my eyes on the man, now resting on a pillar not far away from us. The guard said a few phrases in his microphone, and all I could distinguish was that he was asking for reinforcement against a stalker, ''Black skin, blue coat, blue cap, around 6 feet tall, opaque sunglasses''.

A few minutes later, which felt like hours, two other guards came toward us. A woman, tall and thick, and a man, a little smaller, but as thick as her, faced us. In a few phrases, our own security guard explained the situation, and the woman went to talk to our stalker... From here, I heard her asking him to leave us alone, and to leave the establishment. I faintly heard protestations from the man, and then he left.

A huge wave of relief surged through me, and I could see the same was for Amelie. The guard smiled to us, and told us they ''had a visual on him'', so we didn't have to worry, and that if he came to us in the streets, we should call the police right away. Thanking him, we went to sit outside the library. I sat on a bench, with Amelie facing me.

She was about to call her dad, when I stopped her, a morbid calm surging inside me. ''Amelie'' getting her attention, I felt adrenaline and fear raising in my voice. Finally realizing the obvious myself, I panicked. ''Oh, my fuc**ng Sh*t!!! Amelie! He's there!'' her eyes widening, she turned around. The man was walking down the street, fixing us the whole time. My whole body shaking, I hastily got my stuff, and we ran inside. Barely able to speak and with tears menacing to burst out, I faced the guard, and stammered ''H-he's still t-there...''. Rushing past me, the man looked through the window, as the stalker came to a halt next to the farthest wall. Looking to my side, I saw one of the other guard-the woman- going outside to scare him off. Seeing her approaching, the stalker went away. I could read in Amelie's face as much fear as I could feel myself.

Finally, she joined her father, and explained on the phone what had happened. He told her he would be there in five minutes. Together, we waited, the security guard on our side.

Those five minutes were the longest five minutes of my life, watching every person bypassing us.

Every look became a threat, every glance a judgement.

The both of us jumped when hands came crashing down our shoulders. Jerking aside, I saw Amelie's dad. Faintly smiling, I greeted him. Amelie literally jumped into his arms.

He spoke a few words to the security guard, and we left. I hurried behind them, shooting a look over my shoulder every now and then.

Or, more like every five seconds.

As we went down the stairs leading to the subway, I was literally parannoying stalkers everywhere. Even as my friend tried to comfort me, I kept freaking out each time someone would get too close to us.

We entered the subway wagon and I went to the farthest corner, where a spot was left free. I leaned my head on the window as my friend and her dad came close to me. As the subway started moving forward, I looked at Amelie.

Gasping, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Calmly standing right next to her, was the blue-coated man. I coughed hardly, drawing Amelie’s attention. Only a faint whisper came out of my mouth when I told her ‘’Amelie. He's. There.’’. She stared blankly at me for a moment. Then, she slowly turned her head, and saw him. She looked at her father. Seeing his daughter’s terrified look, he advised the man next to him. ‘’It’s him?!’’ He snapped. We both nodded. He turned to face him.

He didn't yell at him, but kept his calm the whole time... which was even more terrifying.

He ordered him to get out of the subway at the next stop. The interested simply looked at him, and smiled, of the most horrifying smile I had ever seen in my life.

He slowly took his glasses off, and fixed my friend’s father in the eyes as the wagon’s doors opened. He didn’t move an inch. When they closed, he slowly took his bag off his shoulders, and calmly opened it.

My heart skipped a beat for I thought he was armed… but he simply put his tainted glasses inside, keeping his eyes fixed on Amelie’s dad the whole time. 

We were getting out at the next stop. Her dad pointed the door, indicating us to get closer to them, ready to leave. We obeyed.

He stayed in the corner, blocking the passage for the man. As the subway came to a halt, we hastily got out of the wagon.

I swear, I think the creep was looking at me the entire time.

My friend and I ran to the stairs, not far away, and I turned around, just in time to see Amelie’s dad getting out. I froze when I saw the man preparing to get out too, taking advantage of the fact that our protector had his back turned. Right in time, that very one turned around, stopping the stalker. The doors closed before him, and I can remember easily the pouting and fierce expression the blue-coated man arbored as the subway drove off.

For the rest of the after-noon, our saviour had still work to do, so he left us in the food court, making sure we had an eye on a few security guards.

And… I think I am not lying when I say we paranoid the entire time.

I couldn’t see a single blue coat without completely freaking out and having to make sure it wasn’t him.

Finally, her dad came back and we went home.


Now, I am afraid to even look out the window.

I cannot be alone anywhere without feeling paranoia creeping in, and I can’t stand being alone in the bus.

I cannot tell the police, because, as the security guard said, ‘’he was only watching’’, and hadn’t done anything serious. Therefore, they didn’t have anything on him, and couldn’t possibly do something about it.


Every time I walk outside, I shoot glances behind my back. I can’t help it, it’s nervous.

The only thing I wonder, is why. Why us?

Even if a part of me doesn’t want to know, I am still curious.

If he wanted our money, he wouldn't have followed us the whole day. If he wanted to sell us drugs, he would have approached us. We were at the library for the whole day, and more than once alone. If he was planning on kidnapping us, he would have been way more subtle… I mean, instead of simply standing not far away, completely still and simply watching us, we would’ve hid, waited for us somewhere else… no? All he did was scaring the Sh*t out of us. Is that what he wanted? Only to scare us?

Stalkers can truly ruin lives.

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